6 – 14 May 2000


Art Club Berlin, Steven Brunsmann, DJ Jansen1s, DJ Lonely, DJ Nath6lie, DJ Tigra, Jeroen Koolhaas, Olaf Mooij, Mike Redman, Huub Roevink

At Vier de Kunstvlaai, W139 will be presenting club berlin, a dynamic Berlin company led by van Klara Wallner, that is also showing its work throughout Europe with Watch your own videotheek.

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For the Kunstvlaai, W139 collaborated with them in a project that has resulted in an installation of 8 monitors and 8 compilation videos presenting the work of 30 artists. The compilations include fragments and longer pieces by Johannes Kars, Assaf Etiel, Chantal Michel, Annika Strom, Stefan Banz, Christian Jankowski and Stefan Pente among others.

The installation consists of an enormous bar, a bench and a high wall ñ the videos can be seen on both sides of the WunderBar. By combining all these single-screen video works, the installation becomes a narrative puzzle of the new Berlin, Europeís most rapidly changing city. A cityscape in images ñ not in a literal sense, but through the eyes and voices of different video artists. Comments on daily events, politics, crime stories and comedies. Contemporary soaps, sex and love stories and the unavoidable contemplation of the senselessness and isolation of modern city dwellers.

Through headphones and monitors, the viewer can wander through a city interpreted by artists. The MOBILE DJ - created by Olaf Mooij, who lives and works in Rotterdam - is a Ford Sierra Laser fashioned into a supersonic rocket sculpture that produces an incredible cacophony! Every day of the Kunstvlaai, from 5 to 7, Mooij and W139 have invited a different DJ to amaze the public with their dance sounds. Mike Redman and his rappers, Jeroen Koolhaas, DJ Tigra from Antwerp, DJ Jansen1s, Steven Brunsmann, Huub Roevink, DJ Nath6lie and DJ Lonely will be putting you through their paces! Another eyecatcher is the two bizarre bicycles Olaf Mooij has constructed , with their tub extensions. Maybe you wonít see them anyway, because weíre out to lunch!

WunderBar, W139 presents the coolest, most moving and noisiest that Rotterdam and Berlin have to offer to Amsterdamís Kunstvlaai.