30 Nov – 23 Feb 2003

At Least begin to make an end

Steve van den Bosch, Joris Brouwers, Hans Bryssink, Andy Deck, Stefania Galegati, Geert Goiris, Endre Koronczi, Didier Marcel, Tazro Niscino, Elise Ottaviano, Bryssink Peeters, Diederik Peeters, Marjetica Potrc, Michael Sailstorfer, Pieter Vermeersch, Anne de Vries

After a long period of 'unseen' activities, W139 will reopen with the first new project under the directorship of our new head, Ann Demeester. At least begin to make an end / Strip, Revert and Dewind runs from 30 November 2002 to 23 February 2003 at the Warmoesstraat. The space undergoes a 4-phase transformation into a Deleusian wild zone.

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Jean Bernard Koeman's last exhibition was a kind of prelude to the renovations planned to commence at the start of next year. These future activities have deliberately been chosen as a starting point for "At least begin to make an end'. The artists involved will engage / confront with a grand renovation involving the building being stripped clean and totally refurbished.

The artists were asked to apply a sort of metaphorical or literal creative hooliganism to the rear space. Dèmontage is seen as a productive process, and we asked the participants to elaborate on this pejorative concept in a positive way, giving abstract or concrete form in the style of E. Hausmann, the architect responsible for the global reconstruction of Paris, who once called himself 'un artiste démollisseur'.

The front space, that will be turned into an active documentation centre, will focus on the inspiration sources - everything/everyone from Buster Keaton to Protec. 'At least' is a 'flexible' project that will evolve in four stages. At the opening 11 artists will present their starting points. A different architect will be appointed each month to add - or remove - a dimension. As 'building supervisor' he or she will respond to existing works and create additional pieces or offer ideas by way of expansion or contradiction.

The surplus works/ideas will be presented monthly Part 1 of the show opens on 29 November. The Grand Opening gets off to a flying start with a performative intervention from Diederik Peeters and Hans Bryssinck, after spending three weeks in the rear space, building. The occasional band, Spasm, will entertain us at the avant premiere with work from their untitled noise CD.

Sediment 1: Friday 20 December 2002 at 21.00 with building supervisor Endre Koronczi
Sediment 2: Friday 10 January 2003 at 21.00 with building supervisor Geert Goiris
Sediment 3: Friday 7 February 2003 at 21.00 with mystery guest

Designpolitie made a physical invitation for this show, a part of the series of invitations for W139 that year that appeared throughout Amsterdam.