4 – 31 Oct 2003

Enfin La Fin

Kasper Andreasen, Sarah van Gameren, Hendrik Jan Hunneman, Rudy Luijters, Thomas Mohr

For almost a quarter of a century W139 has been housed in the former theatre on Warmoesstraat 139. This anniversary, and the fact that W139 will temporarily leave these premises in November 2003, provide a fine opportunity to pay homage to the space by means of a modest exhibition.

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Enfin la fin does not attempt to be an exhaustive documentary exhibition, offering the visitor a complete overview of what has happened in the building since 1979. On the contrary, Enfin la fin is a chaotic but vivid 'patchwork exhibition', with a number of retrospective flashbacks which directly or indirectly refer to W139's strange history.

A three-dimensional publication by young Danish designer Kasper Andreasen, (monumental) installations by Hendrik Jan Hunneman and Rudy Luijters, a 'memory wall' by Design Academy student Sarah van Gameren, 'date video's' by Thomas Mohr and a miniature cinema should give the visitor a multifaceted view of what is W139.

Within the framework of the exhibition, British designers and multi-talents Goodwill and Stuart Bailey, who are responsible for the new lay-out of the Dutch art magazine Metropolis M among other things, have set up an evening programme 'in the spirit of Zen and Dada'. The programme, which can be considered a 3D extension of Tourette's magazine - recently launched by the duo - offers countless performances, gigs and lectures by guests such as artist Ryan Gander, Art band 'Die Kunst' and performance artists like Paul Elliman.

A high point in this week of events is 'Acta est Fabula' which will be held October 31st. This Party serves as a farewell celebration in view of the building's temporary closing.