2 Feb – 2 Mar 2008

Mr. Deeds goes to town

Moritz Ebinger, Jan Pieter Fokkens, Kasper Jacobs, Floor van Keulen, Frank Koolen, Marijn van Kreij, Joris Lindhout, Daragh Reeves, Michiel Romeijn, Lily van der Stokker

The film “Mr. Deeds goes to town” by Frank Capra (1936) originated the notion of “doodling”. The new exhibition in W139 owes something to both film and drawing.

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Drawing as a fluid line that takes different shapes, film as a shrouded plane that is illuminated and extinguished. The works hover between drawing and writing, registering and narrating. Consciously, unconsciously, consciously. The simple addition of a new letter would suddenly enable an infinity of new words. From the cave by torchlight to the self-illuminating screen; the exhibition was devised within the consciousness of this time-span.