5 Jul – 30 Sep 2007

Ergens anders/Somewhere else

Maartje Korstanje, Maaike van der Linden, Lucia Luptáková

It’s incredible to see just how many of the spaces that display contemporary art are furbished to create an impression of neutrality.

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Lucia Luptáková in collaboration with Maaike van der Linden and Maartje Korstanje

The thought is that artworks come into their own in a “neutral space”. As a result, the viewer is more or less unconsciously inserted into this neutral, emotionally low-key environment. This has huge impact on relating to art that, with this, is steered towards comparison and assessment. The role of art is often to invite the viewer to experience something one-off. Various artists have chosen to make this problem the core of their oeuvre, and have considered the space as a whole their material. In the Netherlands, for instance, in 1993 in the Stedelijk Museum, The Big Archive by Ilja Kabakov and, in 2005 at the Bonnefantenmuseum the “Anschool” by Thomas Hirschhorn were exhibited. Both installations enveloped the viewer and, within those envelopments, presented objects that could equally have been artworks, reproductions or archival materials. For W139, Lucia Luptukova is creating a work that both stands in the space and is itself an access point to areas of W139 that are not normally accessible. Moreover, and quite exceptionally, in her building she creates space for other artists to present their work. The idea behind her work will be on view during the opening of Under. The largest part of the work involved in making “Ergens anders/Somewhere else” will, however, take place during the exhibition and will be accessible to the public. Finally, the work will act as a background and environment for new artworks in the following exhibition “Love is like Oxygen”.

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