27 – 28 Nov 2010

Maybe I was a Pilot

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Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot live (Amsterdam)
DJs Jackmaster F (Ketacore Records, Rotterdam)
DJ DC Schuhe (Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg)

Paul Haworth (British painter/writer/etc.) and Sam de Groot (Dutch graphic designer/publisher/etc.) have collaborated since 2007 on books, posters, T-shirts, and performances. In 2010 they turned to the unlimited potential of HIP-HOP. Their songs so far are about Amsterdam's relentless ebb and flow, teenage love, the miracle of birth, and the nauseating sugarcoating of middle-aged white men's evil deeds.

Thomas Baldischwyler / DJ DC Schuhe (German painter/writer/etc.) and Tommy de Roos / Jackmaster F (Dutch musican/video-artist/etc.) have never collaborated although they both had their times in the tiny world of breakcore and noise-manipulation. Besides that they were always in love with the unlimited potential of HOUSE-MUSIC. The tracks they play off vinyl are about the world's relentless ebb and flow, mature love, the miracle of ecstasy, and the nauseating sugarcoat of middle-aged men's evil beats.