15 – 22 Sep 2012

Liquid rainbow

Edwin Deen
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Photo: Henni van Beek

Color pigment, an electric tap, a few meters hose and a plain garden sprinkler. These are the ingredients Edwin Deen used to create something seemingly impossible: he materialised a rainbow. 'Liquid Rainbow' plays with the tension that occurs when the sun on a rainy day sends its rays to the earth and fills the sky with the elusive promise of a rainbow. The heedless visitor never knows when 'Liquid Rainbow' will enter into force, but when the installation is spraying surprise and joy are never far away. The repetition of the spray movement intensifies the seven colors on the white wall. That change is barely perceptible, but provides 'Liquid Rainbow' with indeed a tangible dimension.

Edwin Deen (1980, Linschoten, NL) is interested in physical processes and the use of everyday objects and base materials. Through experimentation and aesthetic images he emphasizes that what we usually neglect in a graceful and attractive, but interesting way.

Deen graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2009. Since 2011 he is teacher and mentor at the academies Foundation Year. His end exam work 'Untitled' (2008) and the work 'Physical Nature - Natuurkundige Natuur' (2009) were awarded with the 'Art Olive Award 2009'. In 2010 he received the 'Crazy Curators Award' for 'flatland', a sesies of small installations. Edwin Deen has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions around Europe.

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Text: Lise Lotte ten Voorde