Thursday 31 Jan 2013


Master program Artistic Research

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'Primitives' is a one evening event in which students of the master program Artistic Research present new work. The artists experiment with the visual consequences of their recent period of reflection. The context of an exhibition invites them to explore one's 'matter', to step across the predefinitions of practice and research and to experiment with ways to redefine them in a suitable way.

Renato Osoy displays the result of a playful encounter with specific words that become physical and installed. Femke Fransen responds to consumption and applies a visual marketing strategy to the exhibition space. Doris Prlic presents her sound performance “I work as” which explores side jobs of artists. Frouke ten Velden translates projection techniques from the VJ-ing scene to the premises of an exhibition space. In a word of welcome, Brenda Tempelaar reflects on the use of language in fine arts and creates a construction between the abstraction of language and the concrete shape of art works.