Thursday 26 Sep 2013


Previously Performed Performances Performed again + live music

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A perfect repetition is ungraspable, a pure original can never be relived -- one can certainly strive to fill in the blanks, to satisfy questioning with assumption mixed with imagination. Studying the photographs that litter the archive of W139, one encounters names, faces and images that possess a curious sense of distant familiarity. A man donning a hardhat, the violet smoke of his cigarette frozen in the moment of a camera´s flash. One is inclined to question what he was saying and what was his cause for doing so - words and intentions that cannot be traced like the outline of an image or the dates written on the archive box. Further searching presents clarity, but not a perfect twenty-twenty vision of the past. We cannot re-enact.

We invite you to join us for dinner and an evening of performances and live music starting at 18:00.

The artists of FIVE HUNDRED AND TEN SHOWS, NO REVOLUTION, invited visual artists Anna Moreno and Kosta Tonev to co-participate in the evening´s performance series.

Roro aka Rogier Smal {drums} & Yedo Gibson {sax} will together transform the created energy of the space into improvised music. Roro's drums are temporary sculptural constructions that happen to make sounds mixed together with the spacial reverberations of Yedo's sax.