Tuesday 26 Jun, 14h57

Stampa 6 Podcast

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Stampa 6, a Dutch talkshow about art and related issues, can now be revisited through this podcast. Stampa is a collaboration between between Pictoright, Design Politie and W139. Sacha Bronwasser is the host of the show, and Gover Meit co-host. Every 3 months we bring together all sorts of topics and guests to a live audience. Most of the content will be in Dutch, the interview with Ninna Bohn Pedersen, artist and initiator of the 'Unspoken We' exhibition in W139, has been recorded in English. Please find detailed information in the time table below.

This podcast was recorded by Chun-han Chiang and edited by Jacob Dwyer.

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Stampa 6, June 14th 2018, W139

00:00 Intro

05:57 Interview with Ninna Bohn Pedersen; artist and initiator 'Unspoken We'

11:30 Venice Biennial selection discussion

36:00 Dace Sietina interview

47:40 Leendert Vooijce Performance

52:30 Typex interview

1:10:49 Daan van Lent (NRC) interview about Beatrix Ruf and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam