Thursday 16 Aug

Codicil Screenings: Alex Reynolds

Alex Reynolds
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Codicil Screenings is a screening program that will run in the front space of the W139 until September.

Every Thursday evening an artist is invited to present their work amongst other moving images of their choice.

A codicil is an addition or supplement that explains, modifies or revokes a will.

On Thursday the 16th of August Alex Reynolds will present her new film, This Door, This Window. Operating as a double portrait of choreographer Alma Söderberg and drummer Nilo Gallego, the film reflects on the theme of cohabitation through sound, exploring the idea of living together as a matter of negotiating rhythms, earworms and boundaries. In addition to this, Alex will present a selection of rhyming films and recordings she loves.

The screening will begin promptly at 8pm!