7 – 10 dec 2009

Call for Artists


Will you be my guest?

I, Mariëlle Videler, am looking for four artists working in different disciplines to take part in the project BLINDED TOURIST for seven days. I need artists who have never been to Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and who are able to stay for the entire last week of March 2010. There is one rule: they cannot leave the installation.

During your journey, I will be your host and will do all I can for you. I will develop a “travel programme” with vegetarian food, images, stories and movement. We will also be able to meet the visitors to W139 and our installation during the venue’s opening hours of our venue, W139. During your stay, I want you to create a work, a visual journal; it could involve drawings, video, performance etc. The journals will be presented during the final weekend.

Journey I love travelling and explorers. I want to visit authentic communities, but I travel from façade to façade: global cities. The journeys I look for I find in books about discoveries. When I read these books I travel into an old but unknown culture, I get close to the citizens, their personal rituals and objects. I love journeys like this, and meeting you there. So I came up with the idea of making a physical place of my own that is waiting to be discovered. I’ve called it ‘BLINDED TOURIST. Gijs Frieling of the artists space W139 in Amsterdam invited me to develop the project further. I suggested creating an installation for my journey in the space of W139 and to invite other artists to travel with me.

If you are curious and like to be on of the four invited artists please send me your motivation to become part of the project BLINDED TOURIST.

Send before 18 January 2010:

-       Motivation (max. one A4)

-       3 Photo’s of your work (size max. 72 dpi or 1024 x 768)

-       Short description of your work (max one A4)

-       Link to your website (optional)

-       How will you travel to Amsterdam NL and what will it cost?

To: info@mariellevideler.nl

More info:www.mariellevideler.nl


Mariëlle Videler