1 May – 5 Jun 2005

Invisible Script

Boris Achour, Saâdane Afif, Jean Baptiste Ganne, Francois Curlet, Ryan Gander, Dora Garcia, Laurent Grasso, Marine Hugonnier, Philippe Parreno, Francois Piron

The show that François Piron has organized for W139 was partially inspired by the novel La invencion de Morel (1940) by the Argentinean author Adolfo Bioy Casares.

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Casares describes how, after a long journey, an anonymous fugitive arrives at a desert island. After some time a mysterious group of ‘characters’ suddenly appear on the island. The narrator tries in vain to come into contact with them. He finally concludes that they are not real people, but some kind of hyperrealistic holograms that are produced by a machine. This machine, invented by the Mr. Morel referred to in the title, has recorded the presence of the people in the past and will now continue to broadcast their images "for ever and ever". The figures that confront the hero are no more than apparitions, making actual communication impossible. The exhibition metaphorically translates this ‘impossible’ relation between the various fictional characters, using their interaction to explore the relation between a work of art and its viewer. What the various installations and sculptures have in common, is that they are all ‘machines’ whose working is unpredictable. They seem to engage in some form of interaction with the viewer, but this is ultimately merely appearance. The works function as autarchic systems, precluding any actual participation and/or dialogue. With this exhibition, Piron is attempting to break away from the restrictive format of the theme show. The exhibition offers an ‘invisible scenario’ that creates a particular atmosphere.