1 – 30 Sep 2007

Love Is Like Oxygen

Arno Coenen, Erin Dunn, Gil & Moti, Saskia Janssen, George Korsmit, Ulrike Møntmann, Jonas Ohlsson, Joel Tauber

The city is wherever everything has become human. Where nature, with the exception of the human body, has been almost entirely exiled. The city brings out the best and worst in man.

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Love is a force that only has meaning when given by a free heart. In art, freedom sometimes seems to have become the ultimate objective.This self-determination is also a portal to further development, within which artists enter into less non-committal ties with people and ideas. Some of the artists in this exhibition seems to have taken that very step.  

Gijs Frieling

With Thanks to Gemeente Amsterdam, Ministerie van OCW, VSBfonds