24 Nov – 2 Jan 2008


Ericvon Robertson

Centre for the Advancement of Recreation and Leisure.

Eric Von Robertson sends and carries empty spaces through the world. On the academy in Kansas city he made tumbleweeds from umbrellas to release in the desert and a 6 m3 blue air cushion to tumble through the city centre on a windy day. With a volume built from cardboard facets on top of his car he drives around and with the same structure mounted on a backpack-frame he hikes through forests and climbs mountains. Eric travels lightly, an empty soda can that he sticks on top of a borrowed car with a magnet can be enough to meet new people and have an adventure.

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His solo show at W139 consists of a purple hall where a smart shop tour starts, a hard edge palm tree taped on the wall and large open structures of wood, plastic and umbrellas that surround new and older sculptures and videos. Some works may pop up in the city and a large green cat from Andreas Templin is a guest in the show.  

Dafna Maimon does a performance in the first two weekends of the exhibition under the title “I work here”.  

With thanks to Stad Amsterdam, Ministerie van OCW, VSBfonds, Aeneas Wilder, Iona Hoogenberk, Manuel Klappe, Alex Lovallo, Marc Kohlen, European Ceramics Work Centre, Enough Room for Space.