15 Oct – 5 Dec 2010

Lot Meijers

Lot Meijers

Sensibility as well as the mistrust of one's own environment are basic conditions under which art production takes place.

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Only those who mistrust and choose not to take things at face value are able to examine their conditions and consequently appropriate them. The mistrust may become so strong, may become so independent that the actual object gets significantly backgrounded while the observation itself takes center focus. How do we look at things, and what do we expect in the process? And do we behave here like we are supposed to?

A short play for my friends (The Opening)

For the first performance in the W139 on Oct. 14th the Amsterdam based artist Lot Meijers staged her friends within a scenery of different pedestals, brightly lit and following a strictly defined script that determines how to be dressed, where to move, who to talk to and who not. (You can read the framed script on the wall). The actors became substitutes for the audience, which placed itself, uncommon for the W, at the brink of the scenery. So finally not only her friends, but also the whole space became staged amidst a heightened conciousness of the movements and behaviours of its inhabitants.

The Rock (Museum Night)

And when she firstly mirrored behaviours, she secondly freezed them into gazing passivity. The Rock was a performance through the museumnight on nov 6th, and somehow a monument of looking. The Rock became something like a placeholder for an object, accumulating the behaviours of its observers.