Sunday 13 Mar 2011, 20h00

Finissage Rhododendron & Book Launch

Harm van den Dorpel, Katja Novitskova
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Book launch - 'Post Internet Survival Guide 2010' by Katja Novitskova

Screenings by and debate with Katja Novitskova and Harm van den Dorpel

As of now the existing structures of our (Western) mode of thinking and being, including the flows of social energy and value, the domain of aesthetics, the currency of art, and our role in the process that is human civilization are being reshaped and re-articulated. The scale of these changes are reflected in the dynamics of various forms and formats—files, species, identities, brands, cultures, technologies—entering today's ultimate platform and player of dissemination: Internet. Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 is a book that features works and online archives of young artists who have been developing a series of approaches to explore this ongoing merging of matter and information. The words, artifacts, surfaces and experiences you will find in the book, created mostly in relation to the tribal context of the web and the geo-economic frontiers of the world it is rooted in, induce various modes of translation between the reality of always, today and tomorrow—a survival kit for ideologies, an art catalogue, a future leak.

The book is initiated and put together by Katja Novitskova, an Estonian artist living in Amsterdam with an interest in global matters and the future of art.

Check the website of Katja Novitskova for more information