10 May – 27 Jun 2013

On Fresh Soil work period

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Zoro Feigl & Sajoscha Talirz - On Fresh Soil Photo: Sanne van Renesse
Merce Wouthuysen - Rodeo, Photo: Sanne van Renesse
Daniel Caleb Thomson - Brush Tractor, Photo: Sanne van Renesse
Anami Schrijvers- in progress
Benjamin Roth - In progress
Jabu Arnell - In progress

It’s Only Rock ’n Roll (But We Like it) is the title of the work by artists’ collective Jochen Schmith, that will coat the original concrete floor of W139 with a layer of asphalt.

From 10 May a group of artists will use the asphalt as the fertile substrate for new work. Driven by their personal artistic vision, each artist will tear open the ground beneath their feet, smash it to pieces, melt it down and use it on different scales. This series of asphalt works and an ever-growing mass of fragments will leave W139 on their way to new locations. W139 be left with freshly turned earth, in readiness for what is to come.

On Friday evening 10 May, On Fresh Soil begins with a series of motorised performances. From then on, W139 will serve as an open studio for a couple of weeks. Performances, road movies and soup will be served up on Thursday evenings.