16 May – 28 Jul 2013

Road Movie Film Festival

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Old Joy

During 'On Fresh Soil' every Thursday evening a road movie is shown. In addition, there is soup served from 6 pm, and performances could take place.

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Finnish Summer food and AUTOBAHN CINEMA
Hosted by Arda and Jeffrey
Entrance free

18:00 Food bar open
20:00 AALTRA (2006)
Directed by Gustave de Kervern and Benoît Delépine, 93 minutes
This is a road movie on wheelchairs.

A rare combination of tragic drama and black humor, this highly politically incorrect film from Belgium is a real gem from start to finish. The story starts in a rural area south of Brussels, where two neighbours are very unhappy with their lives but most off all, the two men work on each others nerves. But then there is a sudden accident and the two men wake up in a hospital next to each other.... and end up on a journey in wheelchairs across Europe to their destination which is Finland.
Due to the almost universal belief in the goodness of disabled people, Gus and Ben are able to shamelessly take advantage of everyone they encounter. The fact is that the two men aren't in the least sympathetic- they are actually malevolent hostile bastards, pissed off at the world because of their situation.


This Thursday 18 July we screen Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt. There's also burgers from the barbecue to enjoy and Yo La Tengo feature as the soundtrack for this summer evening.

Karl Philips presents: Creeping Death vzw - 7 Square Metres

18:00: Food 19:30 hrs Karl Philips about Creeping Death, 7 Square Metres. 21:00 Film: Convoi (1978)

Karl Philips is a Belgium artist who is using the rules of society to create something else within these rules. He graduate with a loft of 6 caravans on a parking lot and moved it every day so he din't break any rules.

In W139 he presents for the first time a three-year secret project in which he mixes the limits of security with image, pop culture and art to hack a pop festival
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Thursday 4 July is hosted by Elke Baggen & Susan Kooi. A performance by Lukas Hoffman and the movie of the evening is March of the Penguins by Luc Jacquet. And there is of course something to eat beforehand.

Thursday 21 June
'Pitching the groepsexpositie' and is hosted by Jabu Arnell. From 19.00 till 20.00 his videoworks '(The) Pitch' and 'The other side of the VT/Karaoke' are screened. From 20.15 on 'L'Atalante' by Jean Vigo follows. Dinner is ready at 18.00 and Jabu himself serves chocolate cake.

Thursday 13 juni
18:00 - Doors open & food ( gazpacho & Apshalt cooked meat)
19:30 Noise performance André Avelãs
20:00 Asphalto (1998) & Routemaster (2000) Director: Ilppo Pohjola
21:00 Emilie Pictet - ORPHEO (broken trail/pulsing heart)

Upon the fragmented asphalt and in dialogue with the current exhibition Swiss theater singer/performer Emilie Pictet wil perform a section from the opera Orpheo.

Thursday 6 juni
Hosted by Dovilė Bernadišiūtė and features "As I was moving ahead I saw brief glimpses of beauty" by Jonas Mekas.
The screening starts at 18.00 and goes on till 23.00, meanwhile you can grab a bite and a drink.

30 Mei
Rodeo van Merce Wouthuysen
Thelm & Louis

The 23th May
As a disproportion between breadth and height by On Fresh Artist Anami Schrijvers.
Followed by Il Grido by Michelangelo Antioni.

Op de eerste donderdag 16 mei draaien we The Straight Story van David Lynch. De film begint om 20.00. Entree is gratis.