Saturday 26 Mar 2016

In Conversation: Race, Vulnerability and Persistence, 17:00 - 20:30

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This evening focusses on experiences of isolation, pain and vulnerability faced by people of colour in dominantly white spaces: the inability and difficulties experienced in speaking up about topics such as race, colonialism and dominance of whiteness. We look into how we can give more space to experiences in these processes and in getting to a point where racism is discussed. We will explore how we could move towards a more enriching and persistent struggle.

With Mitchell Esajas - New Urban Collective, Patricia Kaersenhout - visual artist and cultural activist, University of Colour - Amandla Awethu, Katayoun Arian - art / research / activism - Discourse, Monique Duurvoort - choreographer, Quinsy Gario - artist, writer, Roet In Het Eten, Decolonize The Museum - Hodan Warsame


We start the evening with a dinner from 17hrs to 18hrs.

Send an e-mail to at the latest on the 25th of March to make a reservation for the dinner.

A donation of at least 5 euro is recommended.