28 – 29 Apr 2016

From Trash to God, 20:00 - 22:30

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On two consecutive nights, RABOTNIK will host a small but precious sample of mindblowing audio-visual artists and media-activists from the 80's, during the final days of the SHIFTING SPACES-exhibition.

The first night will feature the work of BABETH M. VANLOO and DICK VERDULT, and the second night will consist of an overview of the rich underground media-culture of Amsterdam in the 80's, of which Rabotnik was a vital part.

BABETH M. VANLOO, artist and filmmaker (Masters of Film & Fine Arts, USA 1977), works in the tradition of the SOCIAL SCULPTURE, as initiated by her art teacher, Joseph Beuys. Her expanded film-works, installations and new media projects have been exhibited worldwide. For Babeth there is no separation between art and life, and her work always transcended High and so-called Low art. While teaching at SFAI and filming artists like Daniel Spoerri and Jean Tinguely for her art documentaries, she spent many evenings documenting the vital punkscene on stage of clubs like Mabuhay Gardens, and was a contributing editor to the magazine Search & Destroy. In 1980, while filming with Joseph Beuys at the Guggenheim Museum, she documented the notorious femme fatale of punk Lydia Lunch and England's leading punk-girls The Slits, during their night performances. In the 80’s she was a contributor to NEON on VPRO-television. This evening in W139 she will show: SEX PISTOLS & BERLIN WALL ; LYDIA LUNCH - PARADOXIA ; BEUYS - DAS KAPITAL ; WILLIAM BURROUGHS - DEATH ROW

DICK VERDULT (Eindhoven, 1954) is a World War 3-veteran, a pluri-content and multi-language artist who studied in the notorious Université of Vincennes Paris VIII in the 70's, then went to work on interactive cinema and punk in the early 80's, moved on to function as (and in) a artists' group-construction (IBW, Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin, Institute for Affordable Lunacy) and finally by now is a cult legend in the distortion of a certain Latin-American music (Cumbia, as Dick El Demasiado). In Oktober he will have an artshow in Bogota, a novel will be published in Spanish and Polish, a documentary for Dutch tv about him is in the making, and he is preparing to film again.