Saturday 9 Apr 2016

Open Dialogue II: Geographies of Change, starts at 18:00

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The Open Dialogue evenings attempt to expend visions, understanding and compassion by creating a moment and a space to listen and speak. Three people from different backgrounds and experiences are invited to share their knowlegde in a dialogue with each other and the audience. The evening focusses on an exchange of words and silences, with the invited speakers as the igniters of a fire that will burn amongst all of us.

During this second dialogue we will talk about the geography of the Earth. What does it mean to close borders deny people access to freely travel? How did globalization affect us? Can the diversity of our geographical locations be a strength? And in what ways can climate justice bring the change we need?

Speakers: Selçuk Balamir, Prahbu Kandachar, Wayne Modest and Teresa Borasino

Moderator: Isabel Hoving

From 17hrs to 18hrs, you can enjoy soup against a donation.

The Open Dialogue starts at 18hrs.