Friday 15 Apr 2016

Decolonize Beauty and our Bodies, starts at 19:00

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An evening on historic, (neo)colonial, capitalist constructions of beauty and how these are sustained/reinforced; a sharing of lived experiences and exchanging tips and tricks to circumnavigate the capitalist (neo)colonial cosmetic industry and reclaim our bodies from its oppressive ideal.

We will collectively engage in a discussion about our bodies that decenters the white Western standard and binary constructions of beauty both within and beyond Europe. We reject the idea that the conversation about beauty is a superficial or apolitical one - it is intrinsically compromised by the colonization, racialization and gendering of bodies.

University of Colour aims to decolonize the university. Our collective aspires to create a more balanced university at both curricular and demographic level that includes non-Eurocentric perspectives and ideas.