Sunday 21 Jan

FINISSAGE: w serves imperialism

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pictures by Chun-Han Chiang

Sunday 21 January 2018, 20:00

Cardew Lecture / Performance on Cornelius Cardew by Koen Nutters & Joseph Kudirka

AVELAS 32 Spatial work throughout the whole W139 for 32 players on Avelas-made noise machines.

w invites imperialism, all works on! A swan song of an exhibition / Recording of a 12” record.

Cardew is a performative lecture about the life and work of Marxist composer Cornelius Cardew. Kudirka and Nutters will interview friends and colleagues of the late composer. Aim is to investigate the ways in which experimental art and music today may revolve around an alternative community which does not necessarily serve the bourgeoisie.

This performance format is created by exactly the open spirit that this project is longing for in the rest of society. A collaborative open form that does not tell people what to think but instead creates the opportunity for new points of view to come into existence.

Avelas 32 (Avelas / Nutters with 32 participants)

The piece Avelas 32 is part of a series of collaborations between Koen Nutters and André Avelãs in which Nutters writes temporal and spatial arrangements for different numbers of noise machines made by André Avelãs.

This collaborative piece invites the participants not only in the process of creating the instruments but also in the decision making process of how the piece will sound and how the sounds will be structured in the performance. 32 people will make decisions based on their perception of what is needed at all times during the performance.

Earlier performances of this piece were a quartet, an octet and a version for 16 players. This leaves us to create, compose and perform the next version for 32 players, each with their own noise machine. To create this number of noise machines we will organise a workshop at W139 where Avelas can collaborate with participants of the show and other interested participants to build the necessary 16 extra noise machines. The ensemble of 32 performers will consist of both fellow artists and participants from the audience.

w invites imperialism, all works on!

As a final gesture, opposing all the rules and guidelines of the show, all the works will be turned on simultaneously for 10 minutes. A 12" vinyl record will be made of the recording of this "swan song".